Where are you located?

My business is strictly online. Do not let that concept distract you from online counseling. Online counseling has been found to be just as effective as in person sessions as evidenced by American Psychological Association (APA)

How do I start working with you?

You just reach out by phone or email! We will then set up a free 30-minute consultation to decide if we are a good fit for each other. While there is no fee for this appointment, if you miss a scheduled consultation you will not be eligible to schedule another one.

Therapy is an investment of time, money and energy. It’s important that you find someone you work well with. During the consultation, I will listen to the reasons you are seeking therapy and what you want to get out of it. Then, I will explain my style. If it’s a good fit, we will set up your first appointment. If not, no worries! I will help connect you to someone who might be. Getting help with the right person is the most important thing.

How will I communicate with you?

You can get counseling in four ways:

• Exchanging EMAIL messages

• Chatting live

• Speaking over the phone

• Video conferencing

You can use different ways at different times as you wish, based on your needs, availability, and convenience within reasonable time frames.

What age range do you work with?

I work with males and females ages 15-65. If you are looking for therapy for a younger child, I’d be happy to refer you to someone who is well qualified.

Who benefits from therapy?

I think everyone could benefit from therapy at some point! Life is hard. Things happen and it can feel overwhelming at times. Therapy helps you sort through difficult emotions, thoughts and experiences. If you feel like having a space to be heard and understood without judgment sounds nice, or you are seeking clarity, peace of mind and direction, you’ll benefit from therapy.

How long does therapy last?

There is no easy answer to how long therapy takes. You have great potential inside to heal and, if used effectively, you should see some changes happen quickly!

Some people feel better in just a few sessions and others need several months to feel significant changes. This all depends on your personal circumstances, your goals and how you respond to therapy.

I do ask that new clients attend weekly for the first 4-6 weeks. This allows for our working relationship to grow and momentum to be built. Too long of a gap between sessions might feel like you’re at the beginning again. When the time is right, we will adjust your sessions to bi-weekly or an as-needed basis.

What will we do in sessions?

I will mainly listen and ask questions that spark thoughts to help you feel and understand your emotions. I take some notes to help me remember certain bits of information. We will talk, laugh and cry sometimes, explore and practice letting go. I will support you, challenge you when you are ready, and celebrate with you when you feel better. Sessions are not always light and easy, but the relief you get will be worth the work you do.

What are your fees?

Ongoing self pay individual sessions are 50 minutes and are $90-$125. I also offer a monthly fee that gives you unlimited access to me with in reasonable limits and gives more sessions for lesser cost.

If you would like to see if CRM Talk Therapy is the right fit for you, 20 minute in person consultations are available. While there is no fee for this appointment, if you miss a scheduled consultation you will not be eligible to schedule another one.

How does payment for therapy work?

Payment for services is due prior to all counseling sessions. Monthly plans are due in full on the first day of each month. I accept payment by Credit Card, Debit Card , HSA and FSA Spending through Ivy Pay and the client portal with Theranest, both of which are HIPPA compliant.

Insurance payments are accepted through Sonder Mind when an account is set up with them.

Do you take insurance?

I am in network through Sonder Mind so that I can take insurance. You will need to set up an account with them and I will guide you through that process

Do you have discounts?

I offer Military, Veteran, First Responder discounts at a rate of 30%.

If you find me through Open Path Collective and register with them then the cost per session is $60.

This is not available if using insurance.

Do you have evening appointments?

Yes, I do have evening availability. I will do my best to accommodate your scheduling needs, but those slots are limited.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Once we schedule your appointment, that time is reserved in my schedule for you. If you have to cancel, I require 24-hour notice. If you do not give the required notice, you will be charged the fee for session.

Have you been in therapy yourself?

Yes, it has made me a better person and a better therapist. There is no shame in taking care of your mental health.